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Skin: Glance (Lana)
Hands: Slink (Casual)
Hair: Exile (Crazy in Love)


The Women of Camelot

Rarely have I been so excited to blog as I am right now.  The Muses   recently released two sets of incredibly detailed, beautifully designed partial mesh outfits. The pieces I chose reminded me strongly of the television series Merlin, and closely resembled the mentalities and personalities of the main female protagonist and antagonist of the series.

Lady Morgana was a powerful witch from an ancient bloodline. Her anger toward the King’s policies on the banishment of witchcraft and the old religion twisted her mind and transformed her passion for justice into a delusional passion for conquest.  The skies turned bloody with her rage.



The once handmaiden, turned Queen of Camelot, Guinevere Pendragon.  Although Gwen came from humble origins, her steadfastness in fighting for what’s right regardless of the consequences, and her overwhelming compassion for all raised her up until the entire kingdom glorified her name.


The amazing thing about these dresses, beyond the obvious quality and creativity, are definitely the ability to customize them. Because the pieces come on different layers, you can use one dresses shirt under another and it will fit perfectly.  My favorite part about the last dress is the HUD that comes with it, allowing you to change the color of the inner panel of the dress. As you can see, I made my cream.

I can’t wait to see what more this store comes out with. The roleplay community has been in serious need of quality, original mesh items, and I think The Muses just might become a major fixture in my inventory!



The Muses: Rainha (A mixture of red and black versions)
Skin: Essences (Libra) *Zodiac
Hair: Magika (Capture)
Pose: Pose Plastique (By the Water)- nextdoor to The Muses
Magical Element: Mad Girl Ninjas’ Designs (Bring the Light)

The Muses: Shieldmaiden (Green)
Hair: .b/Analog Dog (Forgiven)
Skin: Deesses (Aylin)*group gift
Horse: Focus Poses
Pose: Del May (Avant Garde)
Background: Garden of Dreams (The Woods)

Beauty Base Zero

I saw this fantastic blogger challenge from Portia Pexington (here) and thought that I just had to take part in it! Your beauty base is your “starting,” point, akin to your first glance in the mirror after you wake up in the morning. So here I am, makeupless, with messy hair and some semblance of pajamas.


I cannot do without color in my real life, or my second life, for that matter. So thankfully I was able to land my hands on a deep red negligee number from Pale Empress. Luckily (or unluckily), I gravitate toward deep, rich jewel tones in my clothing wear, so this piece really hit the nail on the head.


Bodysuit: Pale Empress (Elyria)
Feet: Gos (Flat)
Hair: Exile (Sway my Way)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (Shine)
Nails: Jamman (French Tip)
Skin: Glance (Lana)
Pose in second photo: Pose Plastique (By the Water)
Eyelashes: Redgrave (Luscious)
Furniture: Apple Fall (Winter Bed)
Curtains: MudHoney (Priya Curtain)

Apple Green and MichaMi

Another sale notice- some stores on the Truth District sim are having sales. MichaMi currently has all her items there at 50% off. I generally like paying full price for items (even if my pocket book doesn’t agree!), because I think it’s the best way to help designers maintain an income to justify creating more in the future. But a sale is a sale and I  definitely indulged!

Skin: BodyGossip (Gloria)
Earrings: Bliensen + Maitai (Black Rain)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer (Filigree Oval)
Lashes: Miamai (Evergreen)
Dress: MichaMi (Daira) * Truth District Sale
Lipstik: Mock *(Sanguine)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (City Lights)
Ring: Bilo (Rashmi)
Slink Mesh Hands
Pose: SLC (Haruka)

Zodiac and Elikatira

Elikatira is holding a massive retirement sale!  Be sure to check it out, before all items are retired permanently. More information is available here.





Shirt: Erratic (Amy)
Necklace: Perception (Capricorn)* Zodiac past cycle
Hair: Elikatira (Conclusion)
Skin: Bilo (Elysium) *Zodiac current cycle
Ees: Ikon (Eternal) *Gift
Croire (It’s Casual)

52 Weeks of Color- Tangelo

A quickie, since I’m gettin’ back in the groove!




Skin: Bilo (Noor) * ATW
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (Gleeful) *Gift
Tattoo: Nuuna (Ninja)
Shirt: Jack Spoon (Santana)
Eyelashes: Redgrave (Elemental)
Hair: Exile (Collide) *Fameshed

Winter Swan

It’s that time of the year, the time for snow. With all the Black Friday deals going on, I knew I had to visit The White Armory and grab a few of the flowing gowns I have been eyeing over the months.


My friend Elysium Hynes redecorated her sim for the winter theme, and the colors and shimmer made for a glittery fantasy backdrop to complete the look.

Although the hat is a songbird, I imagined the Swan Princess while putting together the look. Sometimes a little bit of fantasy can be really appealing.



Dress: The White Armory (Lady of Camelot) *Black Friday Sale
Skin: Leafy (Amethyst-Crow) * Black Friday Sale
Hair: Lelutka (Demeter)
Hat: Bliss Couture (Ella Hat) * Hat Sale
Nails: Jamman (French Tip)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (Shine Eyes)