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52 Weeks of Color- Unmellow Yellow

I’ve seen a lot of different blogger challenges while scanning feeds over the years, but this has to be one of the most entertaining and creatively generous blogger challenge out there.   So here we go with my first submission!






Poses: Croire (It’s Casual)

Skin- League (Jen)
Eyes- MayFly (Desert Twilight)
Hair- LeLutka (Ariel)
Shape ❤
Makeup- Boom (Down to Basics), Tuli ( Elusive Lips)

Clothing :
Dress- Tiny Bird (Old Friend Dress) * closed
Cardigan- Artilleri (Elspeth)



Fluid Motions

Fluid has begun with it’s first installment. After spending a few hundred lindens, I strolled along the scenery and storefronts surrounding the building on the What Next sim.



It’s really quite lovely.



Really do take some time after shopping to check out all the neat shops and the adorable build!



Poses: oOo

Skin- League (Jen)
Shape- ❤
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (Honey)
Hair- Lelutka (modified group gift)’
Makeup- L.Fauna (Beauty Mark), Cheap Makeup (Cheekbone Conturing), Tuli (Elusive Lips), Mock (Pandora’s Dark Warm).

Shirt- Milk Motion (My Blouse)
Skirt- Bilo (Pencil skirt)
Shoes- Lassitude and Ennui (Boudoir Mules)
Cardigan- Tres Blah (Boyfriend)
Necklace- Yummy (Portrait)
Bangles0- Maxi Gossamer (Boho Bangles)


Perception, by Maggiedoll Alter has the most beautiful and realistic corsets on the grid.



This newest release, the underbust corset, is so rib breakingly beautiful that I felt short of breath just looking at it.



Of course, I cleaned out Zaara’s during her annual sale, and got all the lingere I had been eyeing for quite some time. The Aksaka set matchings the underbust corset perfectly.


I imagine actually wearing a corset this tight, all I’d be able to do is lay around. But at least I’d look damn hot doing it.


One of the more personal aspects of Second Life, for me, is that I tend to model my avatar based off of my real life looks. So, while parts of her may look disproportional, they still reflect my reality quite accurately. Hence, huge tata’s.




Want these pieces? Check these places out-
Bed- North West (Anoushka)
Book- Vaughan’s (gacha)
Phone- Cuplrit

Skin- League (Jen)
Eyes- Mayfly (Liquid Light/Dusky Amber)
Shape- ❤
Makeup- L.Fauna (Marilyn), Izzie’s (Dark Lips), Mock Blush (salmon),Mock Eyeshadow (Melanazane Indifference)
Eyelashes- Miamai (Catwalk) *mesh around hunt
Hair- LeLutka (Demeter)
Nails- Mandala

Lingere- Zaara (Aksaka)
Shoes- LeLutka (Saffron)
Corset- Perception (Underbust Corset)


The urban world is cold.

It needs a super heroine to watch over it!

A sultry, demonic, dark angel of a super heroine!


Poses- DelMay and Ricielli
Outfit- Vanilla Chemistry (C-001)
Hair- Tuty’s (Ballerina)
Shoes- Slink (Thigh Highs)
Skin- Glam Affair (Linn Darkness)
Eyes- Ibanez (Bastet)
Lashes- Boudoir (Vamp)
Makeup- Miamai (Easter Special) *gift Chic Zafari (Eyer Liner)

Oopskate 2012

Second Life is  a great platform for grassroots movements to gain recognition and for others to fundraise. Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society seem to be the most covered/supported charities within the grid, and while this is great news for them, it’s a shame that other diseases are often overlooked. Cancer is in the limelight, and other illnesses are forced to take a backseat to them. Because of this lack of public understanding, support, and recognition, they are unable to fund research programs to tackle the multitude of other threatening illnesses that countless people suffer from.  Being chronically ill myself, this event, a sort of “hat tip,” to the illness is very touching- even if the event isn’t to raise awareness for my own particular brand of ill.

So, please come support this awesome event!’


You can find more information about this event here.

Skin: League (Jen)
Skates: JustB (closed?)
Socks and Shorts:  Emery (Trashcan Sport and Orchid Yellow)
Shirt:  This is a Fawn (Michigan Blue)
Hair:  W&Y (112)
Earring:  Magic Nook (Vintage DJ)
Makeup:  Mock (Vegas Mida Touch, Peachy Pink Mizu)

I also used the Zsa Zsa emote HUD. It’s great!

Wear Red (Lipstick) Day

In a move of solidarity for a fellow blogger (who is rather amazing btw), who was ridiculed by an anonymous internet tough guy for wearing red lipstick- today is wear red lipstick day!

Vaughan’s (I love the hair and the adorable knick knacks), are having a big sale.  Stock up on eclectic items and adorableness!  The best part? The smexy book gacha- I won sex bait! It really does turn me on.


Skirt: Bilo (Pencil) partial mesh
Shoes: Mon Tissu (Sloane Pumps)
Socks: House of Fox
Makeup:  Miss Shippe’s Studio (Brows B Gone), Cheap Makeup (Parisian Lip), My Dear (Eyebrows)
Glasses: Tasty (Betty)
Top: Cold Logic (Sawyer) full mesh
Hair: Vaughns (TrueGrit)
Scarf: Illusory
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard* December Gift
Skin: Haut Monde (Ollisa)

Beachin’ around

I love sales.  I realize they’re not always great for creators, but as a consumer- I just love ’em. Purple Moon is having an anniversary sale, and random items are 50%-75% off in the store. This meant good or bad news for my Linden wallet, depending on how you look at it.

I’ve noticed how my shape does tend to fluctuate a lot, albeit the lip fullness, roundness of the face, brow shape, and t&a tend to remain the same. I can’t decide if this is a “I’m one bad bitch,” look, or a “I’m squinting and possibly in pain,” look.  I’m sure I’ll find something to tweak before the next post.


Skin:  League (Jen)
Shirt, Glasses:  Purple Moon
Shorts:  zaara
Shoes:  Couverture
Turban:  Damien Fate (Hair Fair 2011)
Bag: CoCo (Old Group Gift)