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52 Weeks of Color- Russett

I generally tend to gravitate toward skins that are more medium toned. But My Ugly Dorothy has an entire wall of adorable, fair and sometimes freckled faces all around 150L, so I definitely took advantage of it. And I must say, they’re quite adorable.



If you haven’t seen Chemistry yet, you are really missing out! They only have a few hairstyles available, but these rigged mesh masterpieces are truly beautiful.





The Village by Garden of Dreams was the perfect spot for this challenge. It’s deeply textured natural browns and European street tavern look made me feel as though I were transported to Parisienne restaurant with a hidden garden for casual lounging.



Dress- Geometry (Marie)
Jewelry- Dark Mouse (Reversal of Fortune)
Eyelashes- Redgrave (Daily)
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (Ice)
Watch- Cashmere (Vivoldi)
Hair- Chemistry (Vines)
Makeup- L.Fauna (Lips)
Skin- My Ugly Dorothy (Skin of the Sunday 13)

Location- Garden of Dreams Scene (The Village)


If I Were Rich


I’d become a professional student!



I’d never leave school, because I could afford all the courses 😀

If you want to do this hunt, here’s more information on it. It has so many cute things!


Dress- DCNY (Get Rich) * If I Were Rich Hunt
Socks- Jack Spoon (Happy)
Shoes- 22769 (Clogs)
Jacket- e! (Darla)
Jewelry- Lassitude and Ennui (Opulence) * If I Were Rich Hunt
Hair- Wasabi Pills (Brigitte)* FLF
Glasses- Umeboshi (Lunette) * If I Were Rich Hunt
Skin- Glam Affair (Roza)*C88
Makeup- Mock (Triumphant Eyeshadow)* The Black Market, L.Fauna Lipstick (Mermaid)
Bag- 1MM (Kago)* group gift


Recharge and Revolt

If you haven’t seen Carolina Sautereau‘s blog yet, you really should.  I was inspired to attempt cloning in my own photo’s after scouring her blog for fashion ideas.


Shorts- The Secret Store (High Waisted)
Skin- Al Vulo (Candy)*TDR
Shoes- Ingenue (Bridget Flats)
Lashes- Redgrave (Natural)
Necklace 1- Izzie’s (50’s Pearl)
Necklace 2- DDD (brush)* TGGS Hunt
Headband- Deviance (Aquafae) * prize
Tights- Duh! (Rose)* Gacha
Shirt- Ricielli (Vshirt)* hunt
Makeup- Bilo (Nasreen Lips), Mock (Glitter Pop eShadow)* group gift
Hair- Catwa (Erika)
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (The Woods)

Location-  The Gallery Gift Shop


Listening to-


Tyrian Purple and Bilo 50% off Sale

So much purple!

Bilo is also having a 50% off sale, which was supposed to end today but has been pushed until tomorrow.  90% of this store is original mesh work, and it’s so pretty. I thought this dress worked perfectly with it! Definitely check it out!

Jewelry- Air (200812) * Gift
Dress- Bilo (Manal)
Hair- Miamai (Halla) *Hair Fair Gift
Lashes- Redgrave (Extralong)
Skin- Belleza (Chloe) *Group Gift
Eyes- Aphotic Gloom (Aquilius)
Location- Garden of Dreams (Moonshine Boat) * Scene (You can find here in world, or check out the marketplace)



I tried something different with this  look. I like the idea of scrapbooking, so I might start gravitating toward that in some posts!




Shirt- Willow (Cutout Bra)
Skin- Glam Affair (Roza) *C88
Shoes- YS&YS (Brera Leath) *TDR
Makeup- Mock (Caramel Lip Jele, Paarl Eyeshadow)
Hair- Lamb (Gemini)
Skirt- SMS (Pencil)* TDR
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (Soft Pastel)


Have you all heard of Garden of Dreams? The first time I recall seeing one of their products, I had teleported into Zigana and immediately fallen in love with the gorgeously detailed and well thought out scenery.

This is one of the “Festival” scenes I am making much use of for the end of summer.  I rezzed the picnic table from Funky Junk and felt like I was back in my childhood at the lake (all that I need to complete the memory in SL, is a lake!).

Also, one of the most adorable food shops in SL (who I mentioned here), is Petite Poche. I made sure to decorate my table with their goodies, and salivate at the pixel noms.


You expect to see far more GoD material from me, I have fallen into an obsessive love and I refuse an intervention.


Skin- Izzie’s (Elena) *Group Gift
Hair- Clawtooth (Higher and Higher)
Dress- Tram (Scallop)* FLF
Necklace- Concerete Flowers (Varblane), Izzie’s (50’s Pearl)
Shoes- MiuMin (Geta)* Gacha
Hairpiece- 1mm (Wagara Katysusya Sibori Aka) *gacha
Ring- H+K (Chocolate)* Gacha
Eyes- Aphotic Gloom (Aquilius Eyes)
Animal- Ohmai (Pygmy)

Poses- Glitterati
Table/Watermelon/Sunflowers- Funky Junk (Picnic Table)*Mens Dept
Food Tray- Petite Poche
Location- Garden of Dreams Scene (The Fest)  (You can find here)

Daisy (Vintage Fair)

Summer is coming to a close, and I’m doing my best to fit in as many summer, floral, and beach inspired looks as I can. The golden tones of autumn excite me, but also depress me in the reminder that the bleak, cold landscape of winter is fast approaching.


This is another look from Vintage Fair, this time from Geometry again. I think it’s no secret what my favorite stores are, and Geometry is definitely one of them.


Skin- Bilo (Leena) *not available yet
Dress- Geometry (Daisy)*Vintage Fair
jewelry- Maxi Gossamer (Boho Bangles)
Lashes- Redgrave (Daily)
Hair- Exile (Satisfaction)
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (Soft Pastel)