52 Weeks of Color Challenge- Jonquil

I realize this is not truly the “Jonquil,” color, but it is as close as I could find ❤ Plus, this dress is so super cute!

The Poche Summer Dessert House is so adorable and has so many cute gachas and freebie items. I absolutely love the bright colors and it made me so hungry I had to get a bowl of ice cream.

This hair is  a group gift from Eaters Coma, who used to be known as 69 Hair. It’s rigged mesh. I love the creator’s brown shades.  It is a very small hairstyle though, so you will most likely require the alpha included with it.

Petit Poche is my favorite in world food store. They really put a lot of effort into their creations. They’re so nom worthy, definitely check it out.


Skin- Bilo (Leena)* Vintage Fair
Hair- Eaters Coma (Gift 01)* group gift
Eyelashes- Redgrave (Elemental)
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (Dilated)
Bangles- Gizza (Multi)
Makeup- Boom (Tan Lines)* Existence Summer Sale gift, Mock (Frosty Purple Cat Eye)*group gift
Popsicle- Poche (Watermelon)* gacha
Location- Poche Summer Dessert House


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