Unhinged & ATW

It’s been awhile since my last post. There are two events on the grid that have really sparked my interest!  Unhinged and Around the World. Unhinged is a great fundraiser for an old creator on the grid- Eku Zhong.  You can read about it here.

This top from 22769 is fantastic. Even though it’s made for more “summery,” conditions,  I paired it with this skirt from Molichino and it transformed into a classy, evening out “outfit.”

The skin from Bilo is a very interesting one. The creator explained in the notecard that it is inspired by makeup styles found throughout the middle east, and popularized in the “Gulf Arab,” states. I love the thick eyeliner and strong eyebrows!

I’m no stranger to gacha’s, and I was very pleased at the quality of items at Unhinged. The eyes/necklaces are all from gacha’s, and they were all very affordable and great additions to my inventory. I will definitely be wearing these for a while!

Skin: Bilo (Noor)*ATW
Shirt: 22769 (Olabisi)*ATW
Skirt: Molichino(Starino)*FLF
Hair: Truth (Adeline)
Shoes: Handverk(Eve Pump)
Necklaces: Perception(Unhinged Skull), HoR(Bonedance)* Unhinged gacha’s
Eyes: Bilo (Najwa)*Unhinged gacha
Shape: Mine
Scene: Garden of Dreams

Poses:  Pose Plastique * Unhinged gacha items

 Unhinged Taxi

Around the World


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