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52 Weeks of Color- Tangelo

A quickie, since I’m gettin’ back in the groove!




Skin: Bilo (Noor) * ATW
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (Gleeful) *Gift
Tattoo: Nuuna (Ninja)
Shirt: Jack Spoon (Santana)
Eyelashes: Redgrave (Elemental)
Hair: Exile (Collide) *Fameshed


52 Weeks of Color- Russett

I generally tend to gravitate toward skins that are more medium toned. But My Ugly Dorothy has an entire wall of adorable, fair and sometimes freckled faces all around 150L, so I definitely took advantage of it. And I must say, they’re quite adorable.



If you haven’t seen Chemistry yet, you are really missing out! They only have a few hairstyles available, but these rigged mesh masterpieces are truly beautiful.





The Village by Garden of Dreams was the perfect spot for this challenge. It’s deeply textured natural browns and European street tavern look made me feel as though I were transported to Parisienne restaurant with a hidden garden for casual lounging.



Dress- Geometry (Marie)
Jewelry- Dark Mouse (Reversal of Fortune)
Eyelashes- Redgrave (Daily)
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (Ice)
Watch- Cashmere (Vivoldi)
Hair- Chemistry (Vines)
Makeup- L.Fauna (Lips)
Skin- My Ugly Dorothy (Skin of the Sunday 13)

Location- Garden of Dreams Scene (The Village)

Tyrian Purple and Bilo 50% off Sale

So much purple!

Bilo is also having a 50% off sale, which was supposed to end today but has been pushed until tomorrow.  90% of this store is original mesh work, and it’s so pretty. I thought this dress worked perfectly with it! Definitely check it out!

Jewelry- Air (200812) * Gift
Dress- Bilo (Manal)
Hair- Miamai (Halla) *Hair Fair Gift
Lashes- Redgrave (Extralong)
Skin- Belleza (Chloe) *Group Gift
Eyes- Aphotic Gloom (Aquilius)
Location- Garden of Dreams (Moonshine Boat) * Scene (You can find here in world, or check out the marketplace)


52 Weeks of Color Challenge- Jonquil

I realize this is not truly the “Jonquil,” color, but it is as close as I could find ❤ Plus, this dress is so super cute!

The Poche Summer Dessert House is so adorable and has so many cute gachas and freebie items. I absolutely love the bright colors and it made me so hungry I had to get a bowl of ice cream.

This hair is  a group gift from Eaters Coma, who used to be known as 69 Hair. It’s rigged mesh. I love the creator’s brown shades.  It is a very small hairstyle though, so you will most likely require the alpha included with it.

Petit Poche is my favorite in world food store. They really put a lot of effort into their creations. They’re so nom worthy, definitely check it out.


Skin- Bilo (Leena)* Vintage Fair
Hair- Eaters Coma (Gift 01)* group gift
Eyelashes- Redgrave (Elemental)
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (Dilated)
Bangles- Gizza (Multi)
Makeup- Boom (Tan Lines)* Existence Summer Sale gift, Mock (Frosty Purple Cat Eye)*group gift
Popsicle- Poche (Watermelon)* gacha
Location- Poche Summer Dessert House

52 Weeks of Color- Wales



Green is such a complex color. It’s a color of nature, the color of greed, and the color of envy.  It’s also the color of Sailor Jupiter!



So throw on some green, shoot a few lightning bolts and play up your strong girl Makoto side this week ❤



Skin- Al Vulo (Candy)* TDR
Hair- Analog Dog/nb (Issues)
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (Shine Eyes)
Jewelry- Dark Mouse (Found Things)
Eyelash- Redgrave (Elemental)
Dress- Bilo (Amira)


52 Weeks of Color- Aqua Island



Dress- Bilo (NaniMa)* Fameshed
Skin- Glam Affair (Roza)*TDR
Hair-Rogue* Group Gift
Makeup- Mock (eshadow)*Group Gift, Bilo Nasreen Lip (from the skin pack)
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (Realism)* Fairy Tale Event
Shoes- Ingenue (Bridget)
Headband- Banilacoco*Okinawa Summer Festival
Poses- !bang (C88) and Frooti (My Second Box)

Location- Friday Sim

52 Weeks of Color- Persian Rose

Oops! I’m late!



Lingere- Fishy Strawberry (Ignition)
Skin- Glam Affair (Roza)*TDR
Hair-Lamb (Falling)* Hair Fair
Makeup- Mock (Avenue Makeover)
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (Realism)* Fairy Tale Event