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Unhinged Deux

Dropped by Unhinged again! Vendors are still joining and setting up items, it seems like a very fluid project that just keeps getting better and better!

This is one of my favorite items from the event:  the PixelDolls Vigne. It’s a reworked version of an older dress, done in partial mesh. It comes with so many options it’s fantastic! I *never* want to take it off!

Dress: PixelDolls (Vigne)* Unhinged
Hair: Wasabi Pills (Kylee)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Pose: R.cielli
Skin: YS&YS (Jane Smokey) *Unhinged

Location:  Unhinged Event


Unhinged & ATW

It’s been awhile since my last post. There are two events on the grid that have really sparked my interest!  Unhinged and Around the World. Unhinged is a great fundraiser for an old creator on the grid- Eku Zhong.  You can read about it here.

This top from 22769 is fantastic. Even though it’s made for more “summery,” conditions,  I paired it with this skirt from Molichino and it transformed into a classy, evening out “outfit.”

The skin from Bilo is a very interesting one. The creator explained in the notecard that it is inspired by makeup styles found throughout the middle east, and popularized in the “Gulf Arab,” states. I love the thick eyeliner and strong eyebrows!

I’m no stranger to gacha’s, and I was very pleased at the quality of items at Unhinged. The eyes/necklaces are all from gacha’s, and they were all very affordable and great additions to my inventory. I will definitely be wearing these for a while!

Skin: Bilo (Noor)*ATW
Shirt: 22769 (Olabisi)*ATW
Skirt: Molichino(Starino)*FLF
Hair: Truth (Adeline)
Shoes: Handverk(Eve Pump)
Necklaces: Perception(Unhinged Skull), HoR(Bonedance)* Unhinged gacha’s
Eyes: Bilo (Najwa)*Unhinged gacha
Shape: Mine
Scene: Garden of Dreams

Poses:  Pose Plastique * Unhinged gacha items

 Unhinged Taxi

Around the World

To the Cinema

There is a new event on the grid!  Cinema by the Hottie Cooterati event group!  The build is super impressive and really well put together. Plus there are several *amazing*  creators there, some known and some soon to be well known!

I picked up a few things and hopefully will have time to show all my favorite pieces. But this is a start!




I think my opinion on template mesh items  has been stated before ( I don’t like blogging them), but Sakide is a real wizz with texturing so I feel like an exception can be made for them.





Skin: Essences (Alyona)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (Ice Eyes)
Shoes: Ingenue (Bridget Flat)
Hair: Wasabi Pills (Taylor) * Cinema
Glasses: DECO (BCP)
Bag: Sakide (Elegant Leather)* Cinema
Dress: DROP (Modern) * Cinema
Tights: JustB (Knit)


Landmark to Cinema

Promise (Vintage Fair)

Vintage Fair starts today! So much excitement! This gorgeous dress is from Geometry for the fair.

These cute little bows can be attached onto the dress separately, and they’re rigged!

I’m also showing this beautiful skin from Belleza. It’s part of the group gift you get when you join (250L cost)


Skin-  Belleza (Lily) * group gift
Dress- Geometry (Promise)
Hair- Clawtooth (Serendipity)
Jewelry- Dark Mouse (Obsidian Eye)
Shoe- Slink (Lara)
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard

Location- Mercury Room

Okinawa Summer Festival Goodies #2

Moar cuteness from the festival ^^



Pose- Marukin*C88

Shirt-LE:MON* Okinawa Festival
Jeans- Doppleganger
Earring- Dark Mouse (Wood)
Skin- Glam Affair (Roza)*C88
Ring- The Sea Hole*C88
Hair- Roge (70A)
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (The Lake)
Nail-Kyoko* dollarbie
Makeup- Mock (Secret Menu Eye and Lip)* Group Gift

Okinawa Summer Festival Goodies

I was dropped a mention of the Okinawa Summer Festival in a group, and I immediately sprung into action. There are some hidden goodies available there, and lots of adorable gacha items. Sadly, a fair portion of the mesh were template items, but most of them had super fun and creative textures on them! There were also a good number of free gifts and chairs to win items from. I definitely suggest checking it out!



Taxi to Okinawa Summer Festival


Items worn available at the festival-

Dress- Tomochi (007)
Bag- BBC (Jenny Summer Bag)*gacha
Shoes- PR21(Bubble Flop)

Other items worn-

Skin- Glam Affair (Kajira)*TDR
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (The Lake)
Ring- Dark Mouse (Statement Ring)
Necklace- Maxi Gossamer (Garbo Graduated)*C88
Hair- Elikatira (Flattery)*hair fair
Glasses- K_gs (Toon Shade)*free
Neko Ears- K_gs (Kitty Ear)

Pose- Frooti (from My Second Box)



One Voice Look #2

Everyone must be very excited, because the lag is atrocious! I tried out a different (to me), style of photography this time, hope you like this pseudo- punk get up as much as I do!

-items available in the One Voice event-
Shorts- Chandelle (Karen)
Tank- Razorblade Jacket (Criss Cross)
Hair- Wasabi Pills (Vanilla Pudding)
Skin- Lara Hurley (Jade)
Shoes- N-Core (Coquette)
Lashes- Al Vulo
Eyeliner- Censored
Jewelry- {me} Aster Ring

-items available elsewhere-
Eyes- Insufferable Dastard (Heterochromia)* Mens Dept
Socks- Emery (Orchid Club)