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If I Were Rich


I’d become a professional student!



I’d never leave school, because I could afford all the courses 😀

If you want to do this hunt, here’s more information on it. It has so many cute things!


Dress- DCNY (Get Rich) * If I Were Rich Hunt
Socks- Jack Spoon (Happy)
Shoes- 22769 (Clogs)
Jacket- e! (Darla)
Jewelry- Lassitude and Ennui (Opulence) * If I Were Rich Hunt
Hair- Wasabi Pills (Brigitte)* FLF
Glasses- Umeboshi (Lunette) * If I Were Rich Hunt
Skin- Glam Affair (Roza)*C88
Makeup- Mock (Triumphant Eyeshadow)* The Black Market, L.Fauna Lipstick (Mermaid)
Bag- 1MM (Kago)* group gift