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Oopskate 2012

Second Life is  a great platform for grassroots movements to gain recognition and for others to fundraise. Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society seem to be the most covered/supported charities within the grid, and while this is great news for them, it’s a shame that other diseases are often overlooked. Cancer is in the limelight, and other illnesses are forced to take a backseat to them. Because of this lack of public understanding, support, and recognition, they are unable to fund research programs to tackle the multitude of other threatening illnesses that countless people suffer from.  Being chronically ill myself, this event, a sort of “hat tip,” to the illness is very touching- even if the event isn’t to raise awareness for my own particular brand of ill.

So, please come support this awesome event!’


You can find more information about this event here.

Skin: League (Jen)
Skates: JustB (closed?)
Socks and Shorts:  Emery (Trashcan Sport and Orchid Yellow)
Shirt:  This is a Fawn (Michigan Blue)
Hair:  W&Y (112)
Earring:  Magic Nook (Vintage DJ)
Makeup:  Mock (Vegas Mida Touch, Peachy Pink Mizu)

I also used the Zsa Zsa emote HUD. It’s great!


Wear Red (Lipstick) Day

In a move of solidarity for a fellow blogger (who is rather amazing btw), who was ridiculed by an anonymous internet tough guy for wearing red lipstick- today is wear red lipstick day!

Vaughan’s (I love the hair and the adorable knick knacks), are having a big sale.  Stock up on eclectic items and adorableness!  The best part? The smexy book gacha- I won sex bait! It really does turn me on.


Skirt: Bilo (Pencil) partial mesh
Shoes: Mon Tissu (Sloane Pumps)
Socks: House of Fox
Makeup:  Miss Shippe’s Studio (Brows B Gone), Cheap Makeup (Parisian Lip), My Dear (Eyebrows)
Glasses: Tasty (Betty)
Top: Cold Logic (Sawyer) full mesh
Hair: Vaughns (TrueGrit)
Scarf: Illusory
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard* December Gift
Skin: Haut Monde (Ollisa)